Four packaging firms including Beatson Clark have collaborated to produce a bespoke soy sauce bottle for Dutch food company Inproba.

UK-based glass manufacturer Beatson Clark and its sister company Pont Europe teamed up with Dutch capping specialists Teamplast and sleeving company Rivièra Product Decorations to design and produce the new packaging.

It is intended that the 150ml white flint bespoke bottle, which has a special ROPP neck finish and a unique functional pouring device, will stand out on the shelf of supermarkets throughout Europe thanks to its sleeved design and ease of use.

It will be used for Inproba’s own-brand soy sauce product, as well as for a private label soy sauce product sold throughout major supermarkets in Europe.

Pont Europe is the European sales arm of Beatson Clark, and this project is an excellent example of the benefits of the partnership between the sister companies.

“We were able to bring together all four companies at the glass plant and worked closely throughout this project and during the aftercare period to provide Inproba with a seamless service,” said Jan-Willem Ridt, Business Area Manager at Pont Europe.

Johan van Vulpen, Packaging Purchaser at Inproba, is positive about the partnership between the companies.

“It might sound obvious, but it is not common for suppliers to operate as a team,” he said. “For this project Inproba could count on a well-connected group of specialists who took joint responsibility up to the filling stage.”