Beatson Clark has once again won the contract to manage Rotherham town’s recycling collections.

The company’s recycling plant on Greasborough Road, which employs nine people, receives 6,240 tonnes of metal, textiles and glass from the council every year, of which 4,734 tonnes are glass.

The glass is used to make new bottles and jars at the Rotherham factory, while the textiles are sent to Bag It Up and metals are recycled at Morris & Co and Alutrade.

Colin Saysell, Logistics Manager at Beatson Clark, commented: “We’re working with the council to encourage people to recycle more, but we also need them to understand that what goes into the boxes is just as important.

“Residents can help us by only putting glass bottles and jars, metal cans and lids, and textiles and footwear in the blue box.

“They should not put Pyrex or pottery in as this won’t melt in our furnaces and can even cause damage and rejected bottles, wasting both glass and energy.”

Rotherham residents currently recycle almost 40% of their waste (22,638 tonnes per year).