A distinctive beer requires a distinctive bottle, which is why a farmhouse brewery in Belgium has chosen one of Beatson Clark’s standard 330ml bottles to launch its range.

The Humblet family began restoring Bertinchamps farm in 2011 and launched the first range of beers from their new brewery two years later.

Now they are launching a second range of more unusual beers under the B+ brand, and they have chosen Beatson Clark’s 330ml beer bottle via Pont Europe, a pan-European supplier of glass bottles and jars and a sister company of Beatson Clark.

The first beer to be brewed in the B+ range was Pamplemousse, or grapefruit, and this will be followed by a white beer or wheat beer and other styles later this year.

Pamplemousse has already been sold in France, Italy and Taiwan and will be launching soon in other Asian countries and South Africa.

“Beers with fruit flavours sell very well in warmer countries and Bertinchamps hopes to export 70% of its B+ range while selling the remaining 30% in Belgium,” said Mario Vleurinck, Pont Europe’s Sales Manager in Belgium.

“It’s great to see another overseas customer choosing Beatson Clark’s standard bottles because of their elegance and quality.”

Jean-Philippe Humblet from Bertinchamps Brewery said: “When it came to launching our new range of beers we were looking for a nice, distinctive 330ml bottle that hadn’t been seen much on the market.

“We spoke to various glass manufacturers but couldn’t find what we were looking for – until we met Mario, who showed us the Beatson Clark range.

“The bottle we chose has an unusual shape and we really like its modern and elegant design.”

Bertinchamps Brewery near Gembloux is a labour of love for the Humblet family, whose father Benoit is an experienced brewer of Belgian beers.

When they discovered Bertinchamps farm in 2011 it was abandoned and in a bad state of repair, but after two years of restoration work a brewing system was installed in the old barns.

The first range of beers brewed by Benoit was Bertinchamps Blonde (6.2%), Bertinchamps Brune (7%) and Bertinchamps Triple (8%).