Beneq will open a subsidiary and operations in Saint Petersburg to commercialise its atomic layer deposition technology (ALD) in the Russian market.

As part of the overall strategy, the company will sign an agreement to launch a joint laboratory for research and development of industrial applications in ALD with Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (SpbGETU).

The main goal of expanding Beneq’s operations into Russia is to open up new opportunities to promote and implement thin-film technologies.

Through the launch of the new laboratory, the company will gain additional resources to help create products and industrial solutions.

“Not only will these products and solutions be sold throughout the world, we see that thin-film technologies will play a key role in the modernisation of the Russian economy,” says Sampo Ahonen, Chief Executive Officer of Beneq.

The General Consulate of Finland in Saint Petersburg will host the Grand Opening event of the Beneq Russian subsidiary by organising a round table discussion with leading scientists and executives from relevant and active industries. The discussion topics will focus on the commercial opportunities of ALD and thin-film technology in Russia.

“Launching and developing this laboratory will increase the awareness and competitiveness of Russian science abroad. Additionally, it will help speed up the transition for ALD and thin-film from an academic science into new business ideas,” Mr Sampo continues.

The launch of the laboratory is planned for the autumn of 2013.