Reuse Collections, a UK glass recycling company that trades as Berryman, has won a court case and been awarded substantial costs against a former employee.

The court ruled that Keith Sendall, who worked at the company’s Dagenham plant, acted in breach of duty by setting up a competing business, and that his company, May Glass, had conspired with Mr Sendall to unlawfully take customers away from Berryman.

The former General Manager of Reuse Collections and current owner of INGs Environmental, Mick Keogh, was also found to have assisted in the formation of May Glass.

The judge recognised that Keith Sendall had been “intimately involved in making arrangements for Mick Keogh/INGs to provide financial and other assistance to enable May Glass to set up in competition with Reuse”.

Mark Wilson, CEO of Reuse Collections T/A Berryman, commented:

“As a company we are working hard to set ourselves the highest standards and in so doing maintain the trust of our customers and suppliers.

“We contrast this with the actions of Keith Sendall while still employed by the business, which were both unethical and unlawful and put colleagues’ jobs at risk.

“We believe that any action that threatens the integrity and professionalism of our operation has to be vigorously contested, and we are very pleased that our actions have been vindicated by the Court’s judgment.”

Berryman operates three recycling plants in Yorkshire as well as supporting depots in London and the Midlands, employing 170 people with a turnover of £43m.

It is a division of the privately owned Australian recycling and waste management company, URM (United Resource Management).

In January 2011 the company signed a 15-year deal with glass container manufacturer Ardagh Group, to increase the volume of furnace-ready cullet.

The partnership’s first action in 2013 was a £5 million investment in new sorting and separation technology, which has enabled Ardagh to increase the recycled content of clear glass bottles and jars produced at its container plant in Doncaster to more than 50%.