Regular readers will know that I have droned on (and on) about digital glassmaking for years now.

In this issue we interview a glassmaker which has taken the plunge and gone digital.

Slovenia’s Steklarna Hrastnik worked with its digital partner, Siemens, to conceive a five-year roadmap which encompasses an Industry 4.0 strategy.

The first stage of this development has already been implemented and a further six projects are planned until 2022.

Steklarna’s General Manager, Peter Câs, discusses the results so far while we also speak to the glass team at Siemens which also talks about its digital consultancy offering.

Digital was also the theme of the British Glass Focus event recently. Delegates heard from a variety of speakers about how glassmaking is expected to evolve in forthcoming years.

The event concluded with an awards evening which celebrated the best of innovation in UK glassmaking.

One of the highlights was the high quality of the submissions by all those companies which submitted entries - even those that were not winners on the night.

Entries ranged from improving mental health to bird safety and proved that innovation is strong in UK glass manufacturing.

Due to a quirk in our publishing schedule, people reading this issue digitally will see the issue before Christmas, while those reading the printed issue will view it after Christmas.

I wish you all a successful 2019.

Pictured: Some of the winners at the Glass Focus awards.