Italian glass manufacturer Bormioli Pharma has guaranteed the availability glass containers to help defeat Covid-19.

It has already made available free of charge 250,000 containers capable of containing 10 million doses of a potential vaccine to research centres in Europe.

The company, based near Parma, will be able to meet the demands of the global pharmaceutical industry with an availability of pieces over the next year up to about 4 billion doses (90/100 million bottles).

Pharmaceutical packaging must have absolute standards of quality and resistance in order to preserve the drug without damage or contamination.

Packaging for vaccines must be particularly resistant because of its particularly aggressive formulation.

This requires the best of pharmaceutical packaging research, such as its Delta bottle, which has the following characteristics:

- Type 1 glass, which is a borosilicate glass with superior chemical inertia characteristics compared to other types of glass.

- It's resistant to sudden changes in temperature

- It is impact resistant, reducing the risk of breakage during transport.

- It is a multi-dose bottle, capable of containing 40 doses of vaccine.

During the most acute phase of the Covid emergency, Bormioli Pharma's plants never shut down. They worked 24/7 to ensure the supply of packaging, essential for all the supply chains, and in particular for the drug supply.

In the two-month period March-April alone, more than a billion pieces were produced, reaching more than 100 countries, guaranteeing the availability of the medicines on the shelves.

Even in the emergency, the company never stopped investing in its glass platform, increasing its capacity and preparing for a future increase in drug availability.

This included the renovation of an entire furnace at the Bergantino plant, May 2020

It constructed a new furnace and two production lines at the San Vito al Tagliamento plant, October 2019. The renovation of another oven in San Vito is in progress.

Bormioli Pharma in recent months has built and expanded its network of suppliers who have managed drugs for Covid's curative therapies, as many customers, in particular CMOs, have treated these drugs during the emergency period.