Italian glass manufacturer Bormioli Pharma has become a member of Glass Futures, the UK-based not-for-profit company operating to reduce the environmental impact of glass production, through research into new technologies and low-emission industrial processes.

The project, which relies on the collaboration of universities, companies, and research institutions, aims to bring about a technological and economic revolution of great impact on the industry, by trialling projects on a world-first pilot furnace.

The pilot facility, ‘The Global Centre of Excellence for Innovation’, R&D and training will be located in St. Helens, UK

Bormioli Pharma, committed for over 15 years in the search for concrete solutions to make plastic packaging more sustainable, confirms with this initiative the same responsibility also for glass, an infinitely recyclable material, but which still requires an important contribution in terms of reducing emissions.

The agreement will give the pharmaceutical glass manufacturer access to technologies for glass production, strengthening its position and reducing its impact on the environment.

The decision to join Glass Futures is part of a broader programme the company started years ago to increase the efficiency and sustainability of its products and business processes.

This includes the research and development of solutions made from alternative sustainable sources, the use of recycled glass in production, up to the continuous updating of its technological platform, with a view to improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.