Bormioli Pharma reported robust growth in its North American business in 2022, with sales increasing more than 40% year-over-year.

The growth in North America was matched by strong sales gains in the company’s markets worldwide, reflecting Bormioli Pharma’s multimillion dollar investments in expanding its capabilities as a provider of comprehensive packaging solutions for injectable drugs.

The US glass bottle market is dealing with continuing supply issues for injectable glass packaging as a result of lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting supply chain disruptions.

The company has invested in strengthening its tubular glass vials capabilities through advanced machinery, while upgrading its platform for moulded glass, and expanding clean-room capabilities for the production of rubber stoppers.

Bormioli Pharma CEO Andrea Lodetti said: “For almost 200 years, we have been leading the field of moulded glass manufacturing and now we have expanded those capabilities to tubular glass vials designed for injectable drugs and vaccines.”

He continued: “Our multifaceted commitments are driven by two major factors – the supply chain issues from the continuing shortage of glass packaging for injectable drugs and the stark reminders of the inescapable dangers of ongoing climate change.”

For its upcoming 200th anniversary, Bormioli Pharma launched ‘50-in-5’, a programme to achieve 50% of sustainable raw materials in its pharmaceutical packaging production by 2025.

To achieve this goal, the company has been strengthening and expanding its industrial platform, with investments of more than €50 million to date that will be matched by similar investments over the next three years.

Strategies include increasing the percentage of recycled materials throughout the production process and adopting carbon capture and other green materials for container closure components and seals.