Vidroporto has chosen Xpar Vision as its new hot end inspection partner.

The Porto Ferreira, Sao Paulo, Brazil-based glass manufacturer installed the latest generation XPAR IR-D double camera system.

The system was recently installed, together with the inauguration of a new 12 section triple IS machine. After extensive staff training by Xpar consultants, it now provides a valuable tool in optimising the glass production process.

With quality and performance level mainly being determined in the Hot End, the IR-D is an objective analysis and measurement tool, capable to detect differences in these aspects of the forming process.

The IR-D system is an invaluable tool for process monitoring, relating defects detected automatically to cavity of origin and using indicators or related trends at one or more zones in the bottle and ware spacing and positioning, resulting in effective machine monitoring.

IR-D also allows for effective root cause analysis and for process improvements in transport, job change, swabbing, maintenance and mould designs. Xpar Vision systems have been in use in the Brazilian glass industry for more than a decade and with Vidroporto, yet another important regional producer is added to the ever growing client list.

Edson Rossi, president director of Vidroporto Embalagens: “Vidroporto is always looking to supply its clients with the highest possible quality products and we could not be happier with the performance of the Xpar equipment.”

Paul Schreuders, CEO Xpar Vision added: “Latin America - and Brazil in particular - has been an important region for us, for many years now.

"It goes without saying that we have dedicated consulting and sales staff for this continent. We are very happy to cooperate with Vidroporto, helping its industry to an even higher level of quality, efficiency and profitability.”

To find out more about Xpar visit or contact its International Account Manager responsible for Latin America, Job van de Laar, at