British Glass CEO Dave Dalton comments: “British Glass is in continuous dialogue with the full vaccine supply chain, relevant trade bodies and the government to both gain an understanding into the current situation and advise appropriately to ensure capacity in the UK.

“Unfortunately, part of the speculation at issue is down to a lack of public knowledge – not understanding the nature of the vials required for the vaccine roll-out, the manufacture of said vials and more critically what is available on the market or already secured by order.

“Part of this information is also hard to come by due its commercially sensitive nature, which is why it is important to work collaboratively to understand the full picture and not plug the gaps in knowledge with misinformation.

“Due to the swift nature of developing the Covid vaccines, this is a rapidly moving situation and whilst it is important to look at the immediate needs in supply, British Glass is also addressing and assessing possible long-term solutions such as UK borosilicate glass production.”

Whilst the situation continues to develop, British Glass will provide an update weekly.