A campaign has been launched by British Glass and Friends of Glass to encourage consumers to buy their favourite products in glass bottles and jars.

The campaign helps consumers to locate the punt marks identifying British and Irish glass manufacturers on the bottom of their glass bottles and jars to celebrate local manufacturing.

A graphic detailing the punt mark of each of the major glass manufacturers that have a factory in the UK, including Allied Glass, Ardagh, Beatson Clark, Encirc, O-I and Stoelzle, has been created to educate consumers on where to look for the marks.

Once they’ve found and identified where their bottles or jars were made, people can send in pictures of their bottles and jars to be entered into a competition to win a £50 M&S voucher.

British Glass’ Communications Manager Victoria Adams said: “Over the last few months, we’ve noticed a lot more people wanting to support their local businesses and buy British products so we wanted to show consumers that this can be extended to buying their favourite products in glass.

“There are also many conscious consumers who are looking at ways to reduce their food miles and what better way to do this by looking for products made and packed in the UK.

“With such a strong glass manufacturing heritage in Britain we wanted to show just how much of the glass packaging that contains our favourite food and drinks is made here and what better way to highlight this than by using the unique punt marks.”

A glass manufacturer uses the punt marks as a unique identifier for which bottles and jars it manufactures meaning that consumers can also identify where their packaging has come from.

Entries to the competition will close on 30 September and the winner will be contacted soon after.