Pilkington UK and Encirc Glass invited government officials to view a sustainable glass manufacturing presentation.

Pilkington UK welcomed Lord Prior, a former member of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and government officials to its Greengate site in St Helens, presenting the latest technology, investment and expertise in flat glass manufacturing. It includes high performance technical coatings that contributed to energy efficient buildings with thermal insulation and control of heat gain from the sun.

Dr Nick Kirk, British Glass Technical Director, said: “Glass capability is a vital economic and technological asset with a key role to play in the modern manufacturing economy.

"Much of twenty-first century life depends on products that use glass – from 100% recyclable packaging and energy-efficient glazing to optical technologies that enable anything from night vision to Internet communication.

"That’s why we’re urging the government to work with us to ensure the glass industry can plan, invest and grow successfully in the UK.”

The presentation topics following the tour included energy policy, plant investment, improvements in solar control, thermal insulation and the economy post-Brexit.

Dave Dalton, British Glass Chief Executive, said: “It is essential that we work closely with the government to ensure that its strategies for the industry, clean growth and resources enable glass manufacturing in the UK to deliver a sustainable and competitive future.”

Mr Dalton accompanied Lord Prior to Encirc Glass’ container manufacturing site in Elton. It provides filling, bonded warehouse and logistics services. Lord Prior observed the measures that glass manufacturers are implementing as they enforce the UK Glass Sector Decarbonisation Action Plan.

As the UK enforces its industrial strategy and nears towards Brexit, British Glass is working with the government to ensure it recognises and understands the importance of glass manufacturing and the factors that will determine its ongoing success.

Lord Prior will host a House of Lords launch event for Glass Futures on 7 February 2018. Glass experts from the industry and academia will attend to carry out research and large scale testing. Their aim is to reduce carbon emissions and energy use, as well as to explore alternative raw materials and energy sources. The event will also provide space to develop innovative products in industries such as healthcare and defence.

Caption: British Glass take Lord Prior, a former member of BEIS, on a tour of Encirc Glass. L-R Dave Dalton (British Glass), Noel McGovern (Encirc), Lord Prior and Fiacre O’Donnel (Encirc)