British Glass has released a policy position document for 2024, outlining the contributions and challenges of UK glass sector.

The document highlights the contributions of the industry to the economy and job market, alongside current challenges and policy recommendations for the sector.

The UK glass sector contributes over £2 billion to the economy each year and provides more than 120,000 jobs across the supply chain.

However, the industry faces several challenges such as higher manufacturing costs, unfair trade practices, and a reactive and costly trade remedy system.

The policy recommendations address these challenges and aim to create a supportive environment for UK manufacturing, including a long-term industrial strategy, proactive trade remedies, and incentives for energy efficiency renovations.

British Glass has outlined three key pillars that summarise focus points for the UK glass industry in 2024 and beyond, which are: Power Decarbonisation, Recycle It Right, and Futureproof Skills.

The current industry position for each of the strategic pillars are followed by specific policy recommendations, which are designed to help the glass industry on the way to decarbonisation in both the short and long-term.

The document also highlights the industry's commitment to transitioning to net zero and promoting sustainable practices, such as using recycled glass and collecting all glass packaging separately at the kerbside.

Dave Dalton, CEO of British Glass, said: "We are pleased to share our latest policy position document, showcasing how the UK glass sector makes essential contributions to the economy and job market nation-wide."

“Our commitment to sustainability and innovation drives our efforts to address the challenges facing the industry and create a supportive environment for UK manufacturing. We believe that by working collaboratively with stakeholders, we can shape a strong and sustainable future for the UK glass industry."

British Glass encourages continued engagement with political parties to provide guidance on shaping their policy positions, to help grow the UK manufacturing sector and the wider economy.

See the full document here: British Glass Policy Position