Bucher Emhart Glass has developed an expendable refractory material, composition 301, which is designed specifically for longer lifetime.

Bucher Emhart Glass also launched EmCast25 Quickset, an improved lightweight insulation employed as a back-up insulation for spouts and orifice rings respectively.

Work will continue on developing an improved tube material. Current field trial results are very encouraging and additional details will be published soon.

Bucher Emhart Glass manufacturing in Owensville is constantly improving the existing refractory compositions offered and developing new products for the glass industry.

Its refractory craftsmen – most with over a decade of experience – are supported by engineering, and RD&E professionals.

The Bucher Emhart Glass manufacturing operation in Owensville, USA, traces its roots to 1844 and the founding of the Laclede Christy Fire Brick Company.

Bucher Emhart Glass has earned a reputation for quality in refractories.

In addition to refractory expendables, it offers a vast range of standard refractory shapes, forehearth refractory shapes and also manufactures unusual, complex, and small quantity shapes.

Its bonded compositions include alumina, alumina silicates, AZS, zircon, and fused silica materials.

It offers the full range of shapes in industry standard compositions including 311, 314, 315, 320, 321, 333, 338, 345, and 357.

The Technical Data Sheets are available at: www.bucheremhartglass.com

The ability to match its proprietary mixes to customers’ melt and firing needs has enabled Bucher Emhart Glass manufacturing in Owensville to serve a wide spectrum of glass industries.

It manufactures a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from one pound glass capacity to 700 pound glass capacity open crucibles.

Bucher Emhart Glass also offers a complete line of refractory accessories designed specifically for the global hand-glass industry.