Parkinson-Spencer Refractories has been the UK licensee of Bucher Emhart Glass for the manufacture of Emhart designed feeder expendable refractories since 1970.

This licence gave access to the original Bucher Emhart Glass refractory drawings and manufacturing tolerances and was originally one of four global refractory manufacturing licences operated by Bucher Emhart Glass.

Following a recent review of their refractory licensee operations Bucher Emhart Glass has decided that such relationships no longer suit the current market situation and, with the exception of PSR’s licence, all other licensee arrangements have been or will be terminated by the end of 2015.

David Parkinson, Managing Director of PSR, said: “I am delighted that Bucher Emhart Glass has decided to continue our licensee arrangement.

"It is a relationship that PSR has enjoyed for the past 45 years and is one that has benefitted both ourselves and the Bucher Emhart Glass refractory manufacturing plant in Owensville, Missouri, USA by means of mutual cooperation and an exchange of ideas in this specialised area of refractory manufacture.”

Under the new arrangement, PSR will have access to all the latest Bucher Emhart-designed feeder expendable parts including the type 585 high capacity metering spout refractory parts.

Picture: Lajos Giczi (right), Bucher Emhart Glass Global Business Manager Refractories, and David Parkinson shake hands on the deal at the Emhart offices in Cham, Switzerland.