Exceptionally high demand helped boost Bucher Emhart Glass sales in 2021

The container glass technology supplier said it experienced a rapid upturn in demand from the slump of the previous year.

In its latest financial note the Swiss technology supplier said container glass customers had stared investing again.

The investment was in glass manufacturing facility’s modernisation and expansions, as wel as completely new production locations.

Order intake grew by nearly two thirds compared to the low level of the previous year, putting it back to the very high level of 2019.

There was an increase in orders for glass-forming machinery in particular. Starting from a low level in the first quarter, production capacity rose sharply in the course of the reporting period.

Order intake for the year was up by 64.7% to CHF522 million ($562.5 million) compared to CHF317 million ($341.6 million) the year before.

Major challenges were posed by bottlenecks for raw materials, components and in logistics as well as the severe government-imposed Covid-19 restrictions in Malaysia.

All of these caused sales to decline slightly on the previous year.

The operating profit margin is likely to see another marked increase over the first half of 2021 thanks to the favourable product mix and the cost base, which was low for the entire reporting period.