The supplier Bucher Emhart Glass will introduce feature enhancements to its inspection technologies.

Its four enhancements will improve inspection capabilities for containers with push-ups, heel mould codes, multiple finish types and container bottoms with heavy embossing’s.

Mike Rentschler, Product Manager of Inline Inspection at Bucher Emhart Glass, said: “We’re delighted to announce these additions to our inspection technology.

“Taken together, they represent a big step forward in terms of inspecting containers with the modern design features that brand owners naturally want to apply in their glass-packaging.

“They also make life easier for operators by reducing the work involved in setup, job change and monitoring.

“For glass producers, the result will be better pack-to-melt ratios, improved efficiency and quality they can rely on.”

An automatic push-up masking for the company’s Scout software will automatically and dynamically mask the push-up area of the base for improved sidewall inspection. This will give the maximum possible inspection coverage for every individual container, with a one-click setup for simple operation.

The Universal Vision Mould Number Reader (U-VMNR) will accurately read heel dot codes on a wide variety of containers and provide correlation between defectives and the moulds that produced them. This new design will be easy to set up, able to handle container diameters of up to 100mm and require no job change parts.

A line scan finish inspection will use additional lighting and improved lensing to achieve better image quality and defect detection, regardless of type or diameter finish.

The automatic base-masking feature will use intelligent learning algorithms to automatically locate heavily embossed features on the base of bottles and allow the base with engraved features to be inspected with the same sensitivity and accuracy as a container with no engravings.

The feature enhancements will be available on specific FleXinspect and Veritas machines, which run Scout, and field upgrades will also be possible.