BV Glas (Bundesverband Glasindustrie) elected Christian Quenett as its President for the next two years at its Annual General Meeting.

As a central association for the German glass industry, BV Glas represents the environmental, economic and energy policy interests of approximately 80% of the German glass manufacturing companies.

For the first time in its history, the organisation’s President comes from the NSG Group.

Christian Quenett is the Head of NSG Group's Architectural Glass Division in Europe.

In his role, Mr Quenett will represent the glass industry in the Association of German Industry (Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie – BDI) together with the BV Glas’s CEO Dr Overath.

A key part of the role is to actively seek to communicate with politicians and scientists to represent the interests of the glass industry in the national legislative process, and in particular in the energy policy framework.

Mr Quenett said: ‘As we all in NSG Group know, the glass industry has been facing ever greater challenges in recent years. Not only have we had to manage the current economic downturn, but we are also dealing with a major transformation of the glass industry as a whole.

“The German glass industry, including NSG Group, is relatively small, and so it is important that the industry speaks with one voice.”

BV Glas is also active in the European context through its memberships in the Glass Alliance Europe and Glass for Europe associations.