Bystronic glass showcased its latest glass processing solutions at this year’s China Glass 2015.

The automotive and architectural glass manufacturer and solutions provider also celebrated the 10th anniversary of Bystronic’s entry into the Chinese market at the event.

Dr. Burghard Schneider, CEO of Bystronic glass, noted during his visit to China: "We remain optimistic about the Chinese glass market.

“China has the world's highest level of auto consumers and is still in rapid expansion; in the field of architectural decoration, despite declination in real estate growth, demand for high-quality glass remains robust in the long run and will increase in the short term.”

Since its establishment in 1964, Bystronic glass has dedicated itself to the development of glass processing systems, and has provided global markets with a variety of architectural and automotive glass processing system solutions.

During the event Bystronic glass demonstrated a start-up solution for automated insulating glass manufacturing, the B'Comfort production line.

This insulating glass production line includes washing machine, inspection and frame positioning station as well as an assembly and press robot.

Optionally the B’Comfort can be equipped with the eco’sealer, an automatic sealing robot for insulating glass units.

From an economic perspective, the system requires a low investment, has an improved cost-performance ratio and can be scaled up according to the customer’s requirements at a later stage.

The production line, which can facilitate 800 gas-filled insulating glass units of rectangular or special-shaped glass per shift, was demonstrated during the exhibition.

Bystronic also exhibited a variety of products and advanced manufacturing technology in the field of architectural glass and automotive glass preprocessing.

Mr. Schick noted on the 10th anniversary of Bystronic glass in China, "In the past decade, Bystronic Glass has enjoyed considerable development.

“Boasting more than 100 glass lines, the Jiading plant in Shanghai has manufactured products to satisfy the needs of local users”

For this reason, a lively celebration event was held at Bystronic’s booth, inviting both new and old customers to enjoy authentic German beer.

Pictured: Dr. Burghard Schneider, CEO of Bystronic glass global; Mr. Hans Ulrich Schick, President of Bystronic Glass Co., Ltd. (Shanghai).