Canadian Premium Sand (CPS) plans to build a solar glass manufacturing facility in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada.

The patterned solar glass provider is also planning a silica sand extraction project in the Hollow Water First Nation, Canada.

CPS will use silica sand the extracted near the Hollow Water First Nation in the Selkirk manufacturing facility.

This will produce up to 800 tonnes of solar glass per day.

The project will be North America’s only low-carbon patterned solar glass manufacturing facility, and create approximately 250 jobs.

There would be an additional 600 to 700 jobs during the construction phase.

Larry Johannson, Mayor of Selkirk, said: “The Canadian Premium Sand project will be transformational for Selkirk, our region, and the province as a whole.

“Not only will it see almost one billion dollars invested into our community, creating 250 direct jobs in Selkirk and generating tens of millions of dollars in local economic activity each year, but it will make this region a vital hub in North America’s new low-carbon economy and be a magnet, attracting other commercial and manufacturing investments.

"We are excited to see the Canadian Premium Sand project reach this critical milestone.”