Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company has partnered with UK glass manufacturer Encirc to trial a beer bottle that has the potential to cut the carbon impact of its bottles by up to 90%.

The trial will include the use of 100% biofuel and increases recycled content of the bottles to 100% while maintaining quality, the brewing giant said.

Carlsberg said the trial had significant potential to support its target to cut emissions across its supply chain, with the possibility to transform the bottle from ‘the highest-carbon impact packaging type to the lowest’.

Mark Comline, senior category director group packaging materials, Carlsberg Group, said: “We are delighted this ground-breaking trial has successfully proven and produced ultra-low carbon Carlsberg glass beer bottles. Across Carlsberg, we are inspired to work together towards a zero-carbon future. Trials like this in partnership with Encirc are a massive leap towards making it a reality.”

Encirc recently reported the success of a trial in partnership with Glass Futures which was held at its Derrylin, UK plant.