Caspian's float glass plant has signed a letter of intent, which provides for the delivery of approximately 100,000 tons of glass per year to the South Caucasus republic of Azerbaijan.

Caspian’s plant, located in Dagestan, Russia, became operational in 2013.

Abakar Mudunov, Executive Director of the plant, notes "Azerbaijan [is] for us a priority partner because it is a transit base, through which products can go to Georgia and Turkey... we [have] signed a letter of intent with major players in the Azerbaijani glass industry - Glass House and Azer Glass”.

According to the Executive Director, plant specialists are also studying the possibility of supplying flat glass to Kazakhstan and Georgia: "We entered the market only in January, and this market is fairly narrow. We are ready to supply products at low prices, to gain a foothold in the market”.

Management at the Caspian plant, whose equipment was supplied by German company Horn, are also interested in supplying glass to Iran and South Russia.

The plant produces 600 tons of energy-saving glass per day.