CelSian has announced a programme of short courses focusing on specific topics for varying levels of seniority in the glass industry.

Its 2021 programme includes courses which range in application from novices to senior executives in the industry.

Its training courses for 2021 are

2-3 March: Glass melting (Sheffield, UK).

16-17 March: Raw materials and melting (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

18 March: Glass defect diagnosis (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

13-14 April: Sustainability and energy savings (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

15-16 April: Redox, fining and glass quality (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

20-22 April Glass melting & process improvement course for the Indian glass industry (Navi Mumbai, India).

28 June-2 July: General glass technology training (Detroit, USA).

27 September-1 October: General glass technology training (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

12 October: Heat transfer in glass melting furnaces (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

13-14 October: Burners, combustion and NOx emissions (Sheffield, UK).

26-27 October: Refractory selection, maintenance and related defects (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

28-29 October: Flat glass melting and forming (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

With the prospect of restricted travel, online registration opportunities will be offered and some training course may be conducted fully online using the latest training methods and an upgraded video and sound setting.

In-house training courses with tailored modules can also be offered for companies wishing to train a number of people at once.

The CelSian Academy has more than 30 years’ expertise in research, development and application within the industrial glass production environment.

Drawing on this experience, leading expert trainers covering the challenges of today’s glass production include Mathi Rongen, Oscar Verheijen, Neil Simpson and Yongguo Wu.

Its training programme is available to view here