For its 10th anniversary, CelSian donated €10,000 to three charities on behalf of its glass customers.

“We are not a traditional company” is a statement that defines CelSian very much.

Indeed, innovating to build a better future is really at the heart of the company’s purpose.

That is the reason why CelSian chose to celebrate its company anniversary in a meaningful way.

Rather than sending a branded gift all around the world, they chose to donate an amount of €10.000 on behalf of their customers to three different charities: JustDiggit, Aflatoun International and Engineers Without Borders Netherlands.

Its customers are float and container glass manufacturers around the world.

“The fact that we exist now for 10 years as an independent company is thanks to the trust that our customers worldwide showed us over the years.

"That is why we wanted to show them our gratitude in a meaningful way that echoes our core identity and values: education, clever solutions for a better world, and the environment.

"We are very proud to support on their behalf the chosen charities that we feel closely aligned with”, Harmen Kielstra, CelSian’s Managing Director said.

He adds: “This celebration is an important milestone in our history. We are optimistic that the glass industry has many bright years ahead, and that we will keep on being part of our customer’s journeys and vice versa.

"We will continue to support them with their sustainable initiatives and goals, be it with our modeling and control software, laboratory services, or through our Academy. Our team is well-positioned to help them tackle all the challenges the glass industry will have to face in the coming years”.

At the start of February, all its customers received an email inviting them to vote for one of three selected charities for Celsian to donate to.

Based on the results of the votes, the €10.000 was donated as follows: €3700 for Aflatoun International, €3200 for JustDiggit and €3100 for Engineers Without Borders Netherlands.

The initiative was praised by many of CelSian’s customers who were very happy to be made part of it.