CelSian has organised a series of expert training sessions in the new year to give more extensive training for ‘Glass people’.

It is organising a two-day expert training session that provides an introduction to glass melting. This training course is scheduled for January 16-17, 2019 at the Wentbridge House hotel in Wentbridge, West Yorkshire, UK.

The target group of this training includes employees of glass producing companies and suppliers to the glass industry who need a general overview of the most relevant processes and challenges (emission & energy reduction, preserving furnace lifetime, and batch cost reduction) without the need to have a full in-depth understanding of these topics.

Another two-day training session is dedicated to understanding (the link between) redox, fining and glass quality.

This course is scheduled for March 13-14, 2019 in the Manchester area, UK.

This course provides fundamental understanding of glass (melt) redox state and the impact of redox state on heat transfer, fining, foaming, glass defects (bubbles), and glass colour.

It also presents ways to control redox state by means of batch modifications and changing in furnace operational settings. The target group of this expert training session includes batch & furnace managers and glass technologists.

The third course is fully dedicated to ‘advanced combustion and emissions’ and will be held on May 15-16, 2019 at the CelSian premises in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The topics of this expert training session comprise of combustion (air- and oxygen firing), burner technology, combustion control including required sensors, NOx emission formation, regulation, and control.

The third expert training session is also aiming at batch & furnace managers and glass technologists.

For more information visit http://www.celsian.nl/subscribe/ or call CelSian at +31 40 249 0100.

Pictured: Oscar Verheijen, course tutor in January.