Celsian is preparing to host another General Glass Technology Course, this time in Toledo, Ohio, USA between June 10 and 14.

Its UK session scheduled in May is fully-booked, and the company is now thrilled to bring its expertise to Toledo.

Led by industry experts Scott Cooper and Neil Simpson, the immersive learning experience combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice.

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, mastering the intricacies of glass production is more critical than ever; the course will ensure participants will thoroughly understand glass manufacturing technologies by the end of training, equipping them to tackle current challenges and explore future optimisation opportunities.

The tailored course caters to all levels of expertise – from those just entering the industry or to experienced professionals willing to broaden their understanding of the entire process

Register here: https://www.celsian.nl/academy... .

The next course is scheduled in Eindhoven, Netherlands from October 7 to October 11.

Register here: https://www.celsian.nl/academy...