CelSian will host a course focused on refractories for beginners.

The introductory course will take place from the 2nd-3rd March 2022, both online and in-person in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The course will provide insight into why different parts of the furnace require different refractory types, as well as maintenance techniques to increase furnace lifespans and reduce the risk of refractory failures.

CelSian said: “This is a completely new course in our academy. It is perfect for novice to advanced beginners who would like to understand what to do in terms of refractory selection, as well as the science explaining why those refractories are important to choose and how to select them.”

Registration ends 2nd February. For the full course programme, click here.

Johan Lotter, a CFD Engineer and Trainer at CelSian with extensive experience in furnace engineering and management, will run the course.

The price per participant is €1.950, which includes two lunches and one dinner for those attending in-person.

CelSian can also be contacted for more deals, such as 15% off and a free ticket for every five.