CelSian is offering a Practical Glass Technology Training course from its premises in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The two-day practical course is aimed at new and more experienced industry employees who want to understand the missing link between theory and practice, between cause and effect in everyday glass production.

The course is open for employees of the glass producing industry and related suppliers. The training is given in English language (or Dutch upon request).

Following the course, the participant will have a solid understanding of:

1. The influence of various raw materials on melting, fining and foaming behavior of the melt in the furnace

2. The influence of changed composition on important glass properties and how to measure the properties

3. The application of empirical tools to examine the effect of glass chemistry and properties on glass melting in the furnace

4. Hands-on experience of glass defect analysis

The course is meant for new entrants to the glass industry; batch and furnace operators, hot end personnel, lab personnel and R&D employees to receive a more practical understanding of glass melting. Level: medium technical.

It takes place on October 8-9, 2018. The registration fee is €1500 per participant. For GlassTrend member companies it is €1200 per participant.

All participants receive:

• A 2-day practical course in glass technology

• The practical excel sheets used

Hotel accommodation and travel costs are not included.