Over 100 delegates participated in the ‘overview of glass melting processes and future challenges’ webinar organised by CelSian Glass & Solar.

Participants joined from all over the world including glass producers, suppliers and research institutes.

The webinar discussed the technical implications of using sustainable energy (large share of green electricity and green hydrogen) on the glass melting process and future furnace designs.

The webinar was concluded with an interactive voting session in which everyone could prioritise their ideas regarding five questions relating to implementing sustainable energy.

The webinar will be followed-up by a series of three one hour sessions dedicated to different topics. Within the coming weeks, the webinar’s will be as follows:

· Raw material selection - 1st April,

· Glass recycling - 8th April,

· Glass melting ‘thermodynamics and kinetics - 15th April

· Tuning glass composition - 22nd April and

· Sulphate fining and foaming – 29th April.

For more information and registration visit https://www.celsian.nl/academy/ or send an email to academy@celsian.nl