CelSian’s five-day National Committee Netherlands Glass industry (NCNG) course in the UK takes place between March 12-16 at the Society of Glass Technology/British Glass building in Chapeltown, Sheffield, UK.

The course is open for the employees of the glass producing industry and related suppliers.

This in-depth course covers many aspects of glass and glass production from raw materials to formed product, including glass structure and properties and mainly concentrates on glass melting technology.

The course is meant for experienced engineers in the glass industry to receive a more detailed understanding of the glass production, entrants in the glass producing industry and related suppliers and young glass technologists and scientists. Level: high technical and academic.

Originally started in 1990, CelSian’s courses have that take place around the world been attended by more than 1500 employees from the global glass industry. It is the third consecutive year the course has been held in the UK, following on from two previously successful events.

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