The 25th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2014) will take place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 14-17 April.

Booths at this year’s exhibition have sold out, with over 750 companies deciding to visit the show, including 580 Chinese companies and nearly 180 international exhibitors from 26 countries.

Both world-famous companies, including transnational groups, and small-to-medium size glass companies will be attending, and international exhibition groups from Germany, Italy and the US participating.

China Glass 2014 is confident that the show will present a high-ranking international gathering to the worldwide glass community.

The exhibition will represent the entire spectrum of glass production and processing technologies. Besides traditional glass-processing techniques, machines and glass products, new highlights include a great variety of special glass products and glass-processing machines, especially those closely related to a low-carbon economy, energy efficiency, emission reduction, new energy and green materials.

China Glass 2014 will also include a number of associated technical seminars and academic activities both before and during the exhibition. The International Symposium on Advanced Glass Melting Technology will be held on the 11-13th April, with energy efficiency, low carbon and new technology for recycling material as the theme. The symposium will discuss topics such as melting and oxy-fuel combustion technologies.

GPD China 2014, an independent, expert forum for the world’s glass industry, will be held on the 12th April. The conference will address energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings, with a focus on intelligent glazing and energy management.

During China Glass 2014, the Chinese Ceramic Society and the American Ceramic Society will host talks, and additionally news briefings and workshops will be organised by exhibitors and other glass enterprises to promote their brands, products and research results.