Ciner Glass has adjusted its plans around the batch house at its proposed glass bottle making facility in Ebbw Vale, Wales, UK.

The Turkish-headquartered glass manufacturer suggested the changes following a meeting between the company’s planning agents, Arup, and local authority Blaenau Gwent council on December 5.

The purpose of the meeting was to find out if changes proposed to the batch building, which would make it smaller, fall within the scope of the current application.

In a planning document submitted to the council Arup said: “The proposed changes comprise rotating the batch building by 90 degrees, with the longer elevations now facing east and west.

“This change was essential in reducing the overall size of the service yard, reducing the overall footprint of the development, and subsequently allowing the relocation of the warehouse to the end of the main production buildings, forming the preferred linear layout.”

Changes include removing 12 bulk material storage silos from the proposal as the building was originally to have six silos on each side of it.

Arup said: “There will be a reduction in on-site bulk storage resulting in a reduction to the overall building footprint.”

Another change will see two material feeder units for sand delivery added to the plan.

Arup said: “The previous design’s hopper solution resulted in very deep basement structures.

“The shallower basements result in a more efficient design solution.”

A conveyor bridge structure will also be moved from the end of the building to the side.

Arup said: “This was required due to the rotation of the building.”

The new documents also focus on the noise expected to come from the batch building and the movement of raw materials.

Arup said the noise had already been assessed as part of an addendum to a previous Environmental Assessment.

It said: “The closest sensitive receptor is located approximately 450m south of the batch building, and so the slight change in distance in the scale of 30-50m (as worst-case scenario) is very unlikely to result in worse impacts than those reported in the ES.

“Moreover, as noted in the ESA, the noisiest sources of the batch building would be operational only during the daytime when noise limits are not as onerous as the night-time, and therefore it is unlikely that impacts would result in new significant effects.”

Ciner Glass wants to build the glassworks, named the Dragon Glass Bottling Factory on the Rassau Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Ebbw Vale.

The facility will include two furnaces, two cullet buildings and stores for the storage and processing of rejected and recycled glass; two production lines for hot and cold processing, inspection and packaging of glass bottles as well as an automated warehousing facility for the storage and distribution of glass bottles at the site.

A month-long consultation started just after Christmas about the adjustments to the plans.

Anyone with comments should email by January 29.