Belgian annealing lehr and tin bath group CNUD-EFCO International has signed a financial participation agreement with German glass float technology company GFT.

GFT is recognised for implementing improvements in float glass and cover glass production processes. GFT has several breakthrough innovations and patents to its name.

Géraldine Seynaeve, Chief Executive Officer of Cnud-Efco, said: "There is high demand within the glass industry for integrated process solutions.

"As an important technology supplier in this industry, we recognised opportunities in this market situation. By joining forces with GFT, we are strengthening both companies' leading positions within the glass industry.

“We will offer proven integrated process solutions, equipment and after-market services from bath to lehr according to the latest expectations of the glass manufacturers in order to control capital investments and realise operational cost reductions.”

Dennis Schattauer, co-owner of GFT: "Combining our expertise will give GFT access to CNUD-EFCO and BMT manufacturing capabilities, project management and financial structures and allows us to further invest in the development and delivery of a total solution that improves overall production yield.”