Committed for many years to responsible performance, Condat is to supply the industry with more clarity on its eco-design lubricant offer.

Condat’s self-scoring Lubriscore system grants a number of stars to products showing a virtuous profile on life cycle criteria: Raw materials and design / Production / Transport / Use / End of life.

Based on a point system and on the answers given to about twenty questions, the Lubriscore grants, or not, the product with an associated number of stars.

The more eco-designed a lubricant is, the higher the number of stars it gets, the ratings range being from one to three stars.

The LUBRISCORE rating is available for a wide range of CONDAT lubricants, including metalworking fluids, wire drawing soaps, cold heading oils, hydraulic oils, die lubricants, cooling lubricants, hardening/quenching fluids and maintenance lubricants.

For swabbing operations in the glass industry, CONDAGLASS 400, a mix of renewable vegetable based oils and recycled refined oils, received a 1-star rating.

In addition to its eco-designed formula, this swabbing grease is formulated without graphite unlike the main references on the market.

This particularity enables the product to limit rejects after greasing and provides a cleaner working environment. Productivity gains and less waste have only been possible thanks to the high releasing performance of CONDAGLASS 400.

Besides, CONDAGLASS 400 Safety Data Sheet does not display any hazardous pictogram and its high flash point limits fire risk and ensures equipment and co-workers protection.