South African container glass manufacturer Consol Glass has launched a multi-faceted campaign to raise awareness around the pollution of the world’s oceans and encourage a switch from single-use to reusable packaging.

Consol will join several organisations to raise awareness and encourage action against pollution of the world’s oceans.

Initiatives will include working with credible organisations to initiate monthly beach clean-ups on South Africa’s coastline.

In an average beach clean up, dozens of plastic bottles are collected and these can be recycled and reused.

“By making better choices today, we can create a better tomorrow,” says Dale Carolin, Consol’s Senior Executive, Marketing and Commercial.

“By choosing sustainable packaging such as glass, we can be part of this important change and give our oceans a chance to recover. It’s a simple choice that can lead to oceans of change.”

Glass is completely natural. It takes nothing away from the environment, and leaves nothing harmful behind.

A key element of the “I Changed 2050” campaign is the launch of Consol’s 2050 Sleek Bottle which is not only stylish but endlessly refillable and easily recycled.

Besides being specially branded with the image of a whale, sea turtle or seal, what makes this new bottle so exceptional is that a percentage of all sales, matched in value by Consol, will be donated on behalf of consumers to an organisation that is making a real difference to the health of South Africa’s oceans.

“This is an easy way for those who already understand the value of using glass to contribute to these all-important conservation efforts,” explained Mr Carolin.

“In addition to this contribution, we have several other exciting initiatives, involving our employees and local communities, that will take place throughout the year, reinforcing our commitment to the conservation of marine life.”