65% of consumers prefer to consume their beverages in glass packaging at restaurants and cafes.

Turkey's largest glass packaging producer, Şişecam Glass Packaging, has held a survey in cooperation with GFK Turkey, a research company, to reveal the attitude of on-premise consumption points (HORECA) towards beverages in glass packaging.

The survey revealed that people tend to consider glass as the healthiest and safest packaging material for beverages.

Şişecam Glass Packaging, Europe's and the world's fifth largest glass packaging producer, held the survey with the theme of ‘the healthiest packaging material’.

Within the scope of the computer-aided survey were face-to-face interviews held with managers of 150 on-premise consumption points in Istanbul.

The results of the survey showed that people tend to consider glass as the ‘healthiest and safest packaging material’ for beverages. The survey demonstrated the first reason why beverages in glass packaging are preferred was ‘health’ and that consumers' rate of satisfaction with the beverages in glass packaging available in the market was around 95%.

The survey revealed that 65% of consumers prefer a different beverage category rather than changing their packaging preference if the requested beverage is not available in glass packaging. In addition, the survey also showed that cola drinks were the top item in the list of beverages requested in glass packaging.

The reasons why beverages are served in glass packaging at HORECAs highlight that this is what the consumer demands and glass is considered to be healthier.

In the survey's packaging assessment category, glass packaging was defined to be ‘healthy, hygienic and clean’ and glass packaging is considered to ‘provide value and high-quality for money’.

The survey shows that there is a low sensitivity level among on-premise consumption points with respect to sending glass waste for recycling. Whereas the rate of on-premise consumption points, which reporting that they throw glass wastes into dustbin and do not recycle, is 43%, 47% of businesses send them for recycling.