Corning Incorporated and SGD Pharma are to open a pharmaceutical glass manufacturing facility in India.

The companies have broken ground on the new facility that will be located in Telangana.

The facility is being established to expand the pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities of India.

A joint venture between the two will expand pharmaceutical manufacturing in India and allows SGD Pharma to adopt Corning’s Velocity Vial technology platform.

The pair said the collaboration will enhance vial quality, improve filling-line productivity, and speed the global delivery of injectable treatments.

Together, the two companies will help drugmakers respond to complex capacity and quality issues while meeting global demand for critical medicines.

The joint venture expands Velocity Vials’ manufacturing footprint, localises its supply chains in India and enables easier adoption of the technology by customers.

Manufacturing of Velocity Vials at SGD Pharma’s facility in Vemula, India, is expected to begin in 2024.

Pharmaceutical tubing production is expected to begin in 2025.