Corning Incorporated has launched Viridian Vials for pharmaceutical glass-packaging.

The glassmaker said the new technology can improve filling-line efficiency by up to 50% while reducing vial-manufacturing carbon-dioxide-equivalent (CO2e) emissions by up to 30%.

Ron Verkleeren, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Life Sciences, said: “Viridian Vials’ cutting-edge coating technology allows our customers to deliver medications safely and efficiently – for both patients and the planet.”

Injectable medicines play an important role in global health.

As demand for these medicines rises, pharmaceutical manufacturers look to increase production efficiently while reducing the environmental impact of their supply chain.

Viridian Vials use 20% less glass material than conventional glass vials, with no impact on the quality or safety of the vial.

This reduction in glass material lowers manufacturing and transportation-related emissions by up to 30% and decreases the total amount of glass entering the waste stream.

In addition, Viridian’s low-friction external coating minimises cracks, breaks, and cosmetic rejects while improving filling-line efficiency by up to 50%.

“With Viridian, we’ve created a drop-in solution that’s compatible with today’s equipment and standards – and that helps our customers achieve their sustainability goals,” said Verkleeren.