Cortex Glass will introduce BlankWatch, a temperature monitoring system, at glasstec in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The glass supplier has developed a system in order to measure real time and continuously different temperatures at the blank side of an IS-Machine.

The BlankWatch system provides real time information about various temperatures, including left mould, right mould, neck ring, plunger and parison.

It uses one small thermal camera per section. The temperature measurements are precise and are exactly timed with IS-machine timing.

Mould related temperature information is displayed in trend graphs together with the thermal images on an interactive Touch Screen. Warning and alarm limits can be set in order to inform personnel when the temperatures are out of the set limits.

Temperature information cooling settings can be easily controlled which results in constant temperature conditions and a requirement for a stable forming process.

Additional features include a Blank Reference with all blank temperatures, which can be stored; ease of use due to the thermal cameras; ease of installation as no production stop is necessary; full orientation to Industry 4.0; ability to monitor gob loading; possibility to install at the blow side of the IS-Machine and seamless integration with the complete hot end monitoring and control solutions of Cortex Glass.