The European and US glass industries have saluted all staff who have worked relentlessly to keep essential industries going and to contribute to food security across the globe.

The US Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE), and the European Federation of Glass Recyclers (FERVER) thanked all employees for their determination and commitment to keep glass manufacturing supplying essential industries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a joint statement the three trade bodies said: The glass container industry, their staff and supply chain partners play essential roles on behalf of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies.

“To guarantee the effective supply of for-sale, in-store packaged food and beverages, the glass manufacturing industry must remain operational as ‘essential’ throughout the duration of the pandemic.

A disruption to the food and beverage packaging industry would greatly impair the public’s ability to purchase food and beverages at their grocery store at a time when demand is up considerably, and those outlets remain vital to food security around the globe.”

In addition to the various measures that have always been implemented by the members of GPI, FEVE and FERVER to protect their employees and guarantee their safety, additional actions are being taken to ensure their health and well-being as the situation evolves.

GPI, FEVE, and FERVER are closely following the guidelines and recommendations published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other relevant authorities and are monitoring the situation carefully.

"Employee safety is our first priority and paramount, especially during this uncertain time.”

In this context, the waste collectors and the recycling sector are also crucial to ensuring the continued supply of essential glass packaging for the food and beverage industries.

Hence the importance of continuing to recycle glass packaging in the appropriate bins.

The sourcing of local materials from recycling activities to produce new glass containers will continue to enable the industry to work locally and to maintain its production at a sustained level.