Cristalerías Chile has introduced a bio heat shrinkable sleeve for use in the cold end of its glassmaking facilities.

The product, developed by biotechnology company Bioelements, will be used to wrap the pallets of glass bottles made by Cristalerías Chile at its production sites.

The bio heat shrink sleeve, created with the BioE -8 resin developed by Bioelements, is a a sustainable alternative to conventional films in the glass product packaging industry.

Its rapid biodegradation, which can take between six and 20 months in various conditions, makes it stand out compared to conventional plastic, which can take between 100 and 1,000 years to decompose.

This anaerobically biodegradable and non-biotoxic solution will enrich the packaging of Cristalerías Chile products, promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental footprint.

The unique thing is that this bio-based component can be managed as waste in the same way as the conventional plastic previously used by Cristalerías Chile.

That is, it can be mechanically recycled or discarded along with others, guaranteeing its certified biodegradation.

The Chile-based glass manufacturer formed an alliance with Bioelements after a year of collaborating with the group.

With two manufacturing plants and six melting furnaces equipped with advanced technology, Cristalerías Chile serves more than 250 domestic and international customers.