Chile’s Cristalerias Toro has ignited a 300t/day furnace at its Maipu plant.

The lighting took place at 3.30pm on Tuesday last week (Feb 9) and the first bottles are expected to be produced in two to three weeks’ time.

The container glass manufacturer said the entire start-up process had been and will continue to be supported by technicians of the different suppliers from Germany, the United States, Colombia and Mexico.

Director General, Francisco Ruiz said: “It has been a tremendous challenge for us to meet the dates we set ourselves, since the travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic have demanded our utmost ability to coordinate the different specialties and have everything ready to start the furnace operation.”

It said the electrical energy the furnaces uses come from 100% renewable sources and will produce bottles with more than 60% glass recycling.

Cristalerías Toro is a Chilean family business, with more than 60 years of experience in container glass manufacturing.