Domino’s singular Mobile Glass Coding Table and D120i i-Tech laser coder have been installed at Custom Glass, one of the leading independent UK glass manufacturers.

The company required a flexible solution that was capable of marking glass surfaces of varying shapes and sizes.

Custom Glass manufactures sealed units and toughened safety glass products, and for track and traceability reasons coding and marking technologies are an essential component in its production environment.

Jeff Hooson, Managing Director at Custom Glass says: “We made the decision to create a second processing line for our toughened glass, and we needed to look into a coding solution for this line of products.

“Originally, we thought of using ink for our coding needs, but this did not prove to be viable as our glass sheets are washed throughout the production process.

“We agreed that laser would be a far more efficient option, as it leaves a permanent mark.”

The D120i laser system can code at low and high line speeds, while the small footprint of the flexible i-Tech scan head saves space and makes it simple to integrate into production lines.

In Custom Glass’ case, the laser scribes a high quality code onto the corner of the glass prior to the toughening process and allows variable traceability information to be added.

The visibility of the code is not affected by the toughening process.

With the varying shapes and sizes of the glass products that go through Custom Glass’ lines further flexibility is required, which is provided by the Mobile Glass Coding Table.

By vertically mounting the D120i laser at the bottom of the table, the system is able to code in designated corners of the glass as it is being moved across the industry rollers that are fitted onto the table’s surface.

“It is a highly effective arrangement,” continues Jeff. “We use the table for different sizes of glass and the laser efficiently manages to code in the required position each and every time.”

He concludes: “Domino has managed to come up with a solution that is reliable and consistent.”