IS Maintenance (ISM), a UK company which manufactured IS Machines and feeders for the glass bottle industry for more than 30 years, has gone into administration.

The company, based in Barnsley, UK went into receivership just over a month ago. It was formed in the 1970s and its scope of supply included feeder mechanisms, IS machines and IS machine parts.

DA Oldfield (DAO), a UK company which manufactures feeders, IS machine spares and ware handling equipment has invested in securing the rights to manufacture ISM’s products in order to give ISM customers continuity of supply and peace of mind.

DAO, based in Elvington, UK has bought the Intellectual Property from Sheffield-based Stavely Cast Products, which had purchased all the patterns.

Company owner Garry Oldfield said it would allow DAO to use the same castings that ISM had used in the manufacturing process.

“We also have secured all the drawings, apertures cards, customer information and hard drives. Further purchasing was made from the receiver for most of the old feeder stock and new spare parts from the stores.”

All this has now been removed from ISM and re-homed at DAO’s facility.

“We are integrating the information into our systems, and following up on unfinished customer orders and gaining some new customers in the process,” added Mr Oldfield.

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