British Glass CEO Dave Dalton praised the UK glass industry for its assistance in keeping the economy going during the pandemic.

He believed what the glass industry had achieved over this period was “absolutely phenomenal”.

He said: “It’s not been easy for anyone, but it’s been a real honour to be part of this process, and to make sure that the UK Government understands how industries like glass have played their part in keeping the economy going”.

Despite the adversity, the industry managed to continue glass production on a 24/7 basis to ensure the essential needs of the UK economy were met.

Mr Dalton spoke at the Glass Focus Awards held in Manchester, UK last week.

It was the first time the industry had been able to meet face to face since the start of the pandemic.

“All sorts of things have conspired to make it a particularly difficult two years, and, as we come nearer to current times, we’ve all got embroiled in the recent energy crisis”.

Energy prices had increased by five to 10 times their normal levels at its peak.

“I have to confess it’s been a difficult period with government, and they haven’t necessary acted in the way that we would like.

“At least they have listened, they have been attentive and we have managed to have an audience with them to try and get our points across”.

British Glass had several audiences with the secretary of state, as well as numerous meetings with ministers, and has more due with civil servants. The organisation is still waiting to hear the outcome of these meetings.

The awards celebrated the achievements of the UK glass manufacturing industry over the past 12 months. Encirc, Saint-Gobain Glass and Allied Glass were among the winners.

“Tonight is all about celebrating the great work that you’ve done – the glass manufacturing products that you make, the processes you use and all the things you adopt to make this such a wonderful industry”.