Installation of digital ceramic printed glass by Dip-tech at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport is now complete.

O’Hare is the most recent of many airports to utilise digital ceramic printed glass in new and renovated terminals. The technique brings a new level of functionality to glass and expands its role in airport design, while offering an unprecedented ability to control light and to address safety security and privacy concerns.

In addition, the look of other natural materials, such as wood or stone, can be replicated. All of these benefits are combined into a single and extremely durable product.

Included in the overall glass solution of the terminal renovation was almost 4,000 sqf (370 sqm) of digital ceramic printed glass.

Dip-tech CEO, Yariv Matzliach, comments: “With an expensive undertaking such as airport design and renovation, you must get the most out of every component including the glass. With digital ceramic printed glass there is a highly favourable cost-to-benefit ratio”.

Other airports that have recently chosen to apply digital ceramic printed glass include Newark International Airport (printed by Alice GGI in the US), Dublin Airport in Ireland (printed by Flachglas Wernberg in Germany) and Santiago Airport (Glasstech in Chile).