Digital ceramic glass printers Dip-Tech has announced the release of its new automotive black anti-stick digital ink (CASS_0775).

CASS_0775 ink is a black automotive ink glass enamel with high acid resistance and anti-stick properties said to be ideal for a process requiring direct contact of pads to the printed glass such as press bending applications.

The automotive black anti-stick digital ink is part of a package which consists of printing machinery, software, and a special set of inks.

The comprehensive package was designed to meet the most demanding automotive requirements for intensive mass production volumes and high product resiliency.

The new ink Ink formulation was developed by Ferro, leveraging its proven ink technology.

Conforming to stringent industry standards, it is REACH-compliant, provides high Green Strength, and has passed the “Toyota 72" durability test.

In addition, the new ink features a wide firing range and high optical density.

“This new anti-stick automotive ink builds on our commitment to provide customers with a full automotive solution and to continually introduce advanced capabilities that increase the value they get from their investment in Dip-Tech printers,” says Yariv Ninyo, Head of Business Development at Dip-Tech.

“Several customers have already switched to these new inks and report high satisfaction with the ink performance and properties that allow them to use it for digitally printed glass automotive glass production.”

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