The Russian company Ekran-Optical Systems has started production of lightweight glass containers using NNPB in its glass furnace no.5, at its Novosibirsk plant.

"Our partners from Italy and the Czech Republic, with experience in the start-up of NNPB glass production technology in other regions of Russia, were amazed at the record speed of the process”, said Paul Boboshik, the General Director of the plant.

A reduced production cycle time is now possible thanks to the launch of a glass-melting furnace section and the team of highly qualified specialists.

Paul Boboshika notes that in addition to re-training its own employees, the plant has attracted world-class technologists from other regions, for example, from Belarus.

Innovative technology reduces the weight of NNPB glass by 20-25%. The strength of the product remains unchanged due to the fact that the walls of the bottle become more uniform.

The plant currently has contracts with leading drink brands in Siberia, and is in talks with producers from Russia and Kazakhstan.

Ekran will produce NNPB bottles in brown and white glass, and by the spring of 2015 the company aims to launch the second line.

In the summer of 2015, after an overhaul of the furnace №2, will introduce a third line for the production of lightweight container glass.

Annual output of NNPB bottles at Ekran is estimated to be 240 million bottles per year.