UK electric melting and boosting specialist Electroglass has appointed Jean-Christophe Arraez as its Technical Manager.

“Jean-Christophe has more than 25 years’ international experience in glass chemistry, furnace and forehearth engineering, operation and management, involving fuel-fired, electrically boosted and all-electric glass melting and conditioning,” says Electroglass Managing Director Richard Stormont.

“His industry experience embraces soda lime, borosilicate, fluoride opal and lead crystal glasses for cosmetics and general containers, the pharmaceutical industry, kitchen and tableware, decorative and other products.

“He is also multi-lingual, and joins our Projects Engineering Manager, Steven Tawn, and Electrical Engineering Manager, Andrew Barlow, as a key member of our management team.”

Pictured: Richard Stormont (right) welcomes Mr Arraez to Electroglass